So Sorry for My Absence!

Hey guys, I haven’t been around lately, I know. I’m just super busy with enrolling in college, finals and AP testing. I finish school on like May 24th and I graduate on June 7th and then I’m going to Hershey with some friends for like 4 days. So until all that stuff is done, I’m probably not going to post often. However, I am working on the All You Need To Know About: Band Baaja Baarat… but I’m not very satisfied with what I have so far. It just doesn’t seem funny to me, not like Student of the Year was. So I’m going to try and fix it up in the next week or so and then I’ll post it. Again, so sorry for not posting, people still seem to be following me anyways, which makes me happy. Thanks to all the new and old followers. I love you all and I promise to come back soon!!

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 I’ve wanted to be a servant’s wife since childhood.

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zid pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht, chhodna jaane naa

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Song of the Day:

Pee Loon - Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

One of my most favorite Bollywood songs. This song is so pretty and just warms your heart. 

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you are brilliant

Haha that’s sweet. But really I just had too much time on my hands and I was procrastinating. :P

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[4/100] movies i love
rock on

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But who are we?


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